The ideal solution for CO2 laser cutting

Power up to

1200 W


3050×2050 mm

A compact system for outstanding advantages

To achieve high dynamic the LTS CP system uses for the X axis handling a direct drive torque motor with hollow shaft stiffly coupled to a rotating nut ball. The linear motors movement in the Y axis enhances the dynamic performance in raster processing. Despite its small size, the machine can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the PLUS series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.


Cutting head for plastics​

The CP systems for cutting plastics use a motorized-type cutting head, head working stroke approx. 100 mm, low pressure operation of assisting gas. Low pressure gas management Focal lengths 5”-7.5”, maximum pressure 8 bar, nozzle standoff management.

Capacitive head

The CP systems use a self-focusing cutting head with contactless capacitive sensor. The head itself and the focusing lenses can be used up to a pressure of 20 bar. The assisting gas is automatically selected from 3 different connectable gases: air, nitrogen and oxygen whose assisting pressures are determined automatically on the basis of cutting parameters and materials. The head is fitted with an extractable drawer for quick focal changeover. Built-in contactless capacitive sensor, High pressure gas management, Drawer for quick focal changeover, All connections on top, Contact and impact error management, Focal lengths 5”-7.5”, maximum pressure 20 bar, nozzle standoff management.

Laser sources El.en.

LTS CP systems incorporate CO2 radio frequency laser sources produced by El.en.  directly on board, to reach extremely compact dimensions and simplify the optical path. This ensures high cutting quality, low maintenance and stable and consistent results.


Linear motors latest generation

Excellent cutting quality

El.En. Laser CO2

CNC real time

Smart Manager 5

Easy and fast installation

Hardware solutions


Compressed air system to prevent accidental flame formation from the cutting of plastics.

CP Scan (Galvo head)

Galvo head: it is used to carry out logos, codes, etc., on the surface, in such a way as to report identification information of the product being worked.

​Camera Vision system (CCD camera)

CameraVision system (CCD camera) for recognition of positional references (fiducial marks) for automatic position correction (offset and rotation) on the workpiece.

Suction plate

The suction plate removes exhaust gas emissions exactly when they occur - above and below the kerf.


Simple and intuitive cutting-edge front-end software, designed to guarantee the highest level of versatility and customisation.
Laser cutting has never been so easy.

Smart Manager 6

The exclusively in-house designed control software has been evolving in line with market and customer demands for many years.
Smart Manager 6 has been specifically developed to fully exploit the potential of the latest generation of cutting systems and guarantee optimum performance of all Cutlite Penta products.

Smart Composer

Cutlite Penta’s revolutionary new  software interfaces seamlessly with the machine’s numerical control and smart manager front-end software.


Technical Feautures

15131550 × 1230 mm
24132450 × 1250 mm
20152050 × 1550 mm
30203050 × 2050 mm
up to 140m/min (5500 inch/min)up to 25 m/s² (2,5 g)
350 W
550 W
750 W
850 W
1200 W

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