Cutlite Penta

Development of high-technology laser machines

Cutlite Penta designs and develops very high performance fiber laser systems for metal cutting and it is a leading organization in this market due to its CO2 laser systems for the cutting of plastics, wood materials and die-boards. We aim to equip customers with the best machine available, designed according to the customers’ requests and with an excellent price-quality ratio. Our machines are reliable, innovative and user-friendly. Our special focus on the real operating needs, with special solutions for any requirement, allows supporting customers even in the most difficult challenges.

Long-term expertise and know-how

at your service

Due to the El.En. group’s over ten years expertise with CO2 laser sources, we have transferred such cutting-edge and cross know-how to the field of the fiber laser technology and applied it in sheet metal cutting. Thanks to the partnership with the world leading manufacturer of laser sources, IPG Photonics, we now have the best fiber laser sources, so as to develop rapid and very high-power machines. We are sure that the efficiency and concreteness are signs of progress and we daily operate in order to equip organizations with a decisive rise in performance and productivity.

Customization and real advantages

We propose reliable, innovative and flexible solutions that take the users’ suggestions into consideration thus allowing unexpected performance levels.

Our corporate strategy is based on the active involvement of technical figures in every decision-making process to guarantee concrete advantages, advanced customization and ongoing research of the technological evolution.

We aim to provide our customers with a real added value to increase their competitiveness and add new market shares.

Our philosophy

Technological skills and concreteness

The laser technology will be increasingly open to more and more customers due to the system versatility and the continuously increasing use of technology.
We believe that any progress should be based on solid foundations and this is the reason why we continue complying with the standards we have always observed:

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